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Andre Botha

I have been developing trading algorithms for over 5 years now. I have found success in developing trading algorithms for equity index futures. The statistical approach to the markets is quite enjoyable for me as I can see just how effective some strategies or indicators are. I founded Swing Trading Algo in 2018 and offer trading signal subscriptions for a select group of stocks and equity index ETFs. I've got a passion for trading, beer, and helping people understand the markets better.

Peter Gergo

Peter is an expert in technical analysis and is also the founder of Clear Grow, a company that makes amazing grow towers. When he is not working on building the ironman of grow towers, he is munching on the freshest produce known to mankind, and it's all grown straight from his towers. Has a passion for trading, rum, and making the world a better place. Honestly, if you ask me. Peter's grow tower could grow some stellar stock picks!

Raju Wani

Raj is a mining magician and a hardy hockey player. A superstar commodity and mining analyst, he doesn't find the gold, he finds the companies that find the gold. But if you had to ask, he could find gold faster than a Lagotti finds a truffle. The man is a wizard!